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Do you guarantee your work?

You can sleep peacefully when you use Natural Home Solutions, knowing you are covered for both product and workmanship (including a full manufacturer's warranty).

How can ventilation save me money?

An efficient ventilation sytem can save you money on airconditioning and heating.

How can ventilation make my home healthier?

An efficient ventilation system can improve the air quality inside your home by drawing out indoor air pollutants (such as fumes from cleaning products or cooking). Poor air quality can have a detrimental effect on your family's health and wellbeing.

How can ventilation make my home cooler?

An efficient roof cavity ventilation system can reduce the inside temperature of your home during summer. During hot weather, temperatures in your roof cavity can reach as high as 70 degrees celsius, which can increase inside temperatures. During winter, moist air from bathroom, laundry and cooking exhaust systems venting into your roof cavity can cause mould and mildew. An efficient roof cavity ventilation system will expel humid air reducing the risk of mould, pests and structural damage to your home.

How many ventilators do I need?

This depends on which product you wish to install. Please contact our office and we can often provide an estimation over the phone.

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