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A cost effective option to install a skylight where there is a long distance between roof and ceiling. Flexible shafts allow skylights to be installed in cluttered areas of your roof cavity. Finished at ceiling level with a seadrift diffuser.

Double glazed glass skylights are designed to withstand the harshest of environments and manufactured to endure. High thermal insulation and can be manufactured to meet BAL ratings for bushland settings. Installed with plastered or custom wood shaft to maximise light and space.

Custom made solutions for unique spaces. Designed by us to make the most of any space and integrate with any architecture or style.

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The Skydome pyramid is one of the largest skylights available on the Australian market, allowing for maximum light to brighten your space. Circular skylights are also available. Suitable for domestic and commercial buildings. 

Solatube domes are designed to capture low level light, getting maximum daylight throughout the day - even during the winter months. The optimum solution for small spaces such as hallways, bathrooms and laundries. 

Convert solar energy to drive a daylight simulator LED array on the ceiling. Mimics natural light. Finished at ceiling level with a compact, modern recessed fitting. Available in a range of sizes to suit
every space.

All skylights are installed by our experienced team with custom flashings for
every roof type.

We only use quality products and match all manufacturer warranties with
our workmanship guarantee.

Ask us about extended warranty.

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