I had a damaged Skylight due to storms. From recommendation from Skydome we met Jono and we were very impressed with his services. Jono replaced damaged domes and trims of skylight and the rain stopped coming in the skylight. Everything is a lot cleaner and the service was fantastic. I’m very happy with the installation. I’m completely satisfied with the services and products and would definitely recommend it.

Ian"Everything is a lot cleaner and the service was fantastic"

I had severe mould issues at home but wasn’t quite sure how to address it. When I met Jono his experience with finding the cause of the issues, combined with the tried and tested products and solutions they offer such as our new Odyssey ventilation system gave us the confidence to make the right decision. The Odyssey has helped with air circulation and removal of air moisture getting rid of the musty smells and constant mould growth on around the house. It’s very quiet and reasonably priced and the installation was very clean. I’m very satisfied with the new Odyssey. We have noticed a big difference over a short period of time. I would definitely recommend it to others with damp and mould issues.

Jordan - Thornleigh"We have noticed a big difference over a short period of time"

We had a bathroom fan that wasn’t working and no window in the bathroom. We also needed ventilation and some light in the upstairs hall  as well. Jono and his team were very reliable and kept us informed each from start to finish. We like that the skylights used are all made locally in Australia and are made from good quality materials. Now both areas in the house are well lit and fan bathroom is a lot quieter than previous one.

Lena - Galston"Very reliable and kept us informed each from start to finish"

We found Natural Home Solutions in the Advertising in the Manly daily.

The installation of the Ecofans seem to have reduced smells. Prompt, friendly, proactive in problem solving, informative. They cleaned up afterwards.

Liz - North Manly"Friendly, prompt, informative and problem solving"

We had a severe mould problem in the house.

Was looking through coupon savers and saw the advertisement and thought we would give them a ring.

Jono answered the phone, was very polite and willing to come and see the job. He was prompt, punctual and very professional. He gave us a range of options to rectify the problem with various prices and didn’t try to sell us the most expensive products. He actually tried to save us money!!

We have a young family so we wanted to get rid of the dampness and mould to make it a fresher, healthier home and Natural Home Solutions ticked all the right boxes.

The fan that was installed and is doing the job and with the extra ventilation the mustiness has disappeared. Natural Home Solutions was quick, efficient and value for money. The service provided is friendly and all the products were shown and described how they would work.

They weren’t out to make a quick buck, rather gave numerous options that would assist us with the ventilation problem that we had and were happy to go with the option that we decided.

Regards Dina"Prompt, punctual, very professional"

Jono came to the house and installed 2 fans. They were installed under the house in the outer wall and have kept the area dry and stopped the rising damp we were getting in the living room above. Viewed from outside they look good and are installed perfectly, so are quite unobtrusive.

I found Jono to be honest, reliable and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done and I would be happy to recommend Natural Ventilation to anyone.

Sherrill -North Balgowlah"Honest, reliable, willing to go the extra mile"

The work was explained clearly , and the job done in a professional way.

We have had no problem with the workmanship or the unit. It was also installed at the times agreed. Following the carrying out of the work, there was no sign they had been there in regards to mess.

Very helpful and open to answering any questions we had.

I would have no hesitation in recommending or hiring them again, because of their honesty , friendliness and workmanship of their job.

Fred- Blacktown"Left cleaner than when they arrived"

After converting my underground car spaces into a double garage it only took a few weeks before I noticed a severe damp smell and the start of mould around the wardrobes that I had placed in there for extra storage. The dampness smell and mould was worsening by the day and I knew I had to do something quickly about the ventilation.

I rang Natural Home Solutions and Jono was happy to come outside my working hours to look at the problem and give me a quote. The job was done within the week and the problem literally just disappeared.

The service was faultless. Jono fitted in with my work hours. He turned up on time and the job was done quickly, without any fuss and cost less than I was expecting. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Natural Home Solutions to anyone.

I was particularly impressed on their knowledge and customer service, nothing was a problem to them. Natural Home Solutions provided a simply, effective and permanent solution to my problem and I am thoroughly happy with the result.

Alex- Queenscliff“The problem literally just disappeared”

We went with Natural Home Solutions as they had a cheaper quote. They installed a ventilated skylight in our bathroom, helping to save on our light bill.

Excellent, provide quality work and arrived on time.

Shaun - Lethridge park"Helped save on lighting bill"