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Are mould and mildew effecting your health?

Does your home have a musty smell? In recent studies carried out by Australian Universities mould spores have been found to not only increase Asthma attacks and respiratory problems, but also in young children it can be a cause of asthma

Subfloor and house ventilation are often the solution to stopping your mould and mildew issues.

What a Sub Floor Ventilation System Can Do for You

A subfloor ventilation system that is well designed and implemented effectively can

  • Dry out subfloor areas
  • Create air circulation to areas that need it most
  • Stop mould and mildew growth
  • Stop musty smells spreading into your cupboards and rooms
  • Create a healthy home.

Let Natural Ventilation Help You

We can take away your stress and your mould issues by designing an effective and permanent solution for your mould and mildew issues in the Sydney area. Let our team of experts help in finding the right solution for your home that will work. Our team is expertly trained in removing ground moisture from houses with raised floors and we guarantee service and product satisfaction by creating a solution that works for both your home and your budget.

Live in a well-ventilated and healthy home now! Give us a call today or send us an email to know more about sub floor ventilation Sydney area. We will be glad to schedule a specialist to visit your house and provide you with the most suitable solution for your beloved home.

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The problem literally just disappeared

“The dampness smell and mould was worsening by the day and I knew I had to do something quickly about the ventilation.

The job was done within the week and the problem literally just disappeared.

I was particularly impressed on their knowledge and customer service, nothing was a problem to them. Natural Ventilation provided a simply, effective and permanent solution to my problem and I am thoroughly happy with the result.”

Alex- Queenscliff