Skylight Energy Efficiency

Skylights: A Unique, Interesting, and Energy Efficient Addition to Any Home

Skylights can turn any home from ordinary to spectacular. Most research shows that a home with a skylight will fetch a higher price than one without. Skylights bring out natural light that complements a home day or night with sunshine or moon and stars, adding value to the homes which have them.

A well-made and strategically designed skylight adds the illusion of height and spaciousness to a home. Punching several windows into one wide roof to make them into a work of beauty is difficult to manage and tedious to construct. This is another reason why the high prices of houses with skylights on the market are often not haggled.

Advantages of Skylights

Here are several advantages a house with skylights would have:

  • Maximising space: lots are now smaller in how they are parcelled or cut, requiring larger houses to be closer together and reducing privacy. The tubular variety of skylight on a bathroom or kitchen window brings in light without necessarily giving homeowners viewing access into each other’s homes.
  • Illusion: whether the view is from up or down, skylights give the illusion of a bigger space. Some tubular varieties provide excellent natural light even in the most tight of spaces such as laundry rooms and hallways.
  • Household economics: skylights help reduce a household’s energy consumption as they provide natural sunlight for illumination. Several skylights have diffusers that reduce indoor heat loss in winter. Tint or glaze is also available for skylights to reduce glare or limit the heat gain in summer.
  • Energy efficiency: less energy is consumed by a household that has a skylight in place. This is not only a money-saving measure to reduce electricity bills, but a less artificial way of obtaining light in that there is less dependency on lighting fixtures.

Cooling and Heating Concerns

Skylights today are constructed with low-E and double glazed glass to provide efficient glazing. This prevents heat from coming indoors during summer or escaping outdoor during winter. Opening skylights allows hot air to dissipate, and enables air conditioners to perform optimally.

Many skylights now have motors incorporated as a mechanism to open and close. The addition of a rain sensor enables the skylight to automatically close as soon as rain is detected. This makes it very convenient if the homeowner is away when it starts raining.

Why a House with a Skylight will sell for more

As a homeowner, a skylight improves the overall look of the home and makes it interesting. For selling purposes, a house with a skylight is a unique piece of property that will command a higher sale price precisely for that unconventional appeal. Quality skylights enhance houses for all the reasons mentioned.

Skylights benefit indoor gardeners who will see their plants thrive. A skylight will bring natural light into the house and improve air circulation. Energy efficiency, a better view of the night sky in the evening, and a general feeling of openness within the living quarters are some more benefits of using skylights. Basically a skylight makes a good impression on people, whether they are homeowners or home buyers.

If you would like more information on our range of skylights and which one would best suit your home and needs, contact us today on 1300 884 554.

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