Girl suffering with asthma due to a mouldy house and musty smell

Q: Does mould cause asthma?

Research shows that mould can cause asthma in people genetically predisposed to allergies. Ever noticed spots of mould forming on the bathroom tiles or growing in the kitchen? It may seem harmless but new research has shown that mould around the home not only irritates those with allergies but can go as far as causing […]

natural home ventilation

The value of Ventilation in Your home

If we sealed our home fully, we should only get fresh air surrounded by when we opened a door or window. We need ventilation to exhaust unwanted smells, water vapour and pollution, and return them with fresh air, but we also need to manage ventilation so that we can turn it on and off as […]


How to Stop Mould from Wreaking Havoc on Your Family’s Health

Although moulds do have their benefits like production of the antibacterial medicine penicillin, these organisms generally wreak havoc on your family’s health. Moulds spread rather easily in the Sydney environment, and persist in areas like carpets, tablets, cabinets, and chairs. These organisms also grow in areas we don’t usually see like the back of the […]