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Protect Your Investment Such as You Protect Your Family

Every investment needs regular maintenance for it to last longer and serve its purpose well. This also holds true for any investment you have made for your home such as ventilation systems, skylights or whirly birds.

It will save you thousands of dollars if they are well maintained and working just as they should be.

With our preventive maintenance plan, we offer extended warranties that can help you make sure that you get the most out of your investments.

Skylight Covered in Moss or Leaking?

Leaks in skylights are often caused by a buildup of leaf debris around roof flashings. This can cause water to overflow flashings into the roof causing damage to plaster, timber frames and electrical wiring. Have your skylight regularly inspected and cleaned by Natural Ventilation your licensed Skylight repair company in the Sydney area to prevent water damage to your home’s ceilings and electrical wiring. We are preferred installers for leading skylight manufacturers in the greater Sydney area.

Is Your Whirly Bird Squeaking?

A lot of whirly birds just need a new set of bearings to make it work flawlessly. In addition, we also offer repair options and inspections for existing units.

Here are additional problems that we can offer solutions:

  • Skylight covered in moss/ dirt
  • Cracked or damaged skylight dome replacements
  • Skylight leaking
  • Checking and maintaining of skylight domes and flashings
  • Birds nesting under solar panels
  • Repointing cracked and damaged ridge caps
  • Gutter cleaning

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