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The many benefits of getting roof ventilation products are undeniable and proof of that is the increase rate of homeowners using these home ventilation systems. Home ventilation is important for people who want to live in a healthy and pleasant environment. With just a small investment, you can get a home that provides natural ventilation and less usage of your air conditioning unit saving you money.

Life Transformed Because of Natural Ventilation

  • Less usage of air conditioner. More fresh air is coming inside your house so you don’t need to turn on your air conditioner as often or for as long as before.
  • Save money on your electricity bill. Your air conditioner unit won’t need to work as hard as before because there is less heat around the units and ducting. So when it is running it
  • No mould on walls
  • No dampness smell
  • Healthy environment without the mustiness
  • Fresher air with natural ventilation
  • Simple, effective and permanent solution

The list of benefits goes on and on for families that have roof ventilation installed.

How Does Roof Ventilation Work?

Especially during the winter, moisture may build up in the ceiling of your homes, which can cause rot or mildew and mould. To help combat these problems, a well-designed roof ventilation system should be installed. These can vary depending on the issues in the home and design of the house. A common system will use exhaust fans that will extract heat and moisture from the home, which is drawn out through a roof vent.

During the summer, homeowners spend huge amounts of money to cool their homes, which is a result of unventilated roofs. Heat is trapped within that causes uncomfortable living conditions.

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Here is a few more facts about Roof Ventilation

We had a severe mould problem in the house

We have a young family so we wanted to get rid of the dampness and mould to make it a fresher, healthier home and Natural Ventilation ticked all the right boxes.

The fan that was installed and is doing the job and with the extra ventilations the mustiness has disappeared!